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Stitched is an indie horror role-playing game that follows the story of Catherine as a pleasant trip home for the holidays turns into a tragic accident that left her unconscious. After coming to her senses, she realizes that something is dreadfully wrong and that she must escape the doll factory she woke up in.

Before it's too late...

It is currently released on Steam.

“Stitched offers a fantastic gaming experience with some very unique features that make it a delight to play.”
— The Zombie Chimp

My Role

Being a gamer myself, it was an exciting opportunity to be able to work on a Stitched. I collaborated with another artist who handled the main art while I was mostly in charge of the general art, which included iconography as well as some of the puzzles players encountered in the game.

About the Game

Stitched is an indie horror RPG game developed by a dedicated team of video game enthusiasts, developers, artists, and voice actors/actresses. In October 2017, the game was officially released under Fluffex Studios onto Steam.



Start Up Icon

Stitched was created as a laptop experience and would therefore need a start up icon to reflect the design and the atmosphere of the game. I worked closely with the creator of the game to come up with an icon that teased the story without giving too much away. After feedback and several iterations, the team decided on the patched up teddy bear as it very much reflects the events that occur to the protagonists in the game.


Special Pill Counter

Catherine, the protagonist of the game, has a health condition that flares up whenever she is frighten and her fear will also affect her health bar. She can obtain medicinal pills throughout the game to alleviate the symptoms as well as restore her health. Different pills will have different effects and players can use them accordingly throughout the game. The icons were designed to reflect the cute but creepy atmosphere of the game.


Game Control Visuals

There are moments when the player must perform certain tasks in a certain timeframe in order to escape a gruesome death and so I created a visualization of the game controls keys to help players understand which hotkeys they could use during the game. I created three versions, one highlighted and two not highlighted, and these "frames" help ed create an illusion of animation in which the keys were being pressed. This bettered players' understanding of what they should do during the game, as some of the functions were time-sensitive due to the storyline (i.e. being chased). 


General Arts


She finds herself in a doll factory after waking up from a terrible accident and since the doll factory itself is quite large, a map was necessary for players to understand where they are and the map helped players navigate throughout the game. The map also displays the player's current location by highlighting the section they are currently in.


Health Bar, Mouse, & Save Icon


Game Art & Misc.

Stitched is a narrative-driven role-playing game in which as Catherine explores the seemingly abandoned doll factory, dark secrets begin to surface. In order to set the atmosphere and further the storyline, various illustrations such as news clipping, articles, and journal were needed. Puzzles and other important items were illustrated to showcase their significance to the storyline. 


Publishing The Game

After three long years of hard work and beta-testing, Stitched was green lit and finally published on Steam on October 30, 2017 by Fluffex Studios. 

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"Nostalgic feel to the older rpg games! I had my doubts at first, but when the story gets rolling I couldn't stop playing. You can tell the artist spend a lot of time really capturing the scene."


"Stitched does a good job at railroading the player so they never get lost, while at the same time not ever coming off as handholdy."