June 12 Work Session Summary


About This Project

The act of looking after oneself has been dubbed as self-care and it plays an incredibly important role in maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. Self care can range from going to the spa to unwind after a long day or simply eating dinner. In other words, self-care is care provided to you by you.

However, those living with depression often find self-care difficult and even impossible to attain. Research believes that since depression interferes with the frontal lobes--the areas responsible for executive reasoning--those struggling with the disease will also struggle with even the most basic tasks of self-care. Depression also drains their energy and willpower, often leaving them too exhausted to perform the basic necessities such as eating or bathing.

Project Goals

Self care is vital to physical and mental health but people who are struggling with self care and depression may not always reach out to others for help. As such, the goals for this project are:

  1. An app that will encourage users to start a regime of self-care and continue this practice as a means of  managing depression

  2. Enable users to take control of their mental as well as physical health

  3. A safe space for people to talk about their problems, share tips and tricks, and understand that they are not alone in dealing with depression

  4. Target audience members who are struggling with depression and are looking into self-care as a way of managing it

Time Scope

  • Week 1: Research

    • Gather and compile data on what is necessary for self-care

    • Understand the audience and their struggles

    • User interviews and synthesis user research

  • Week 2: Ideate

    • Start to gather ideas on paper

    • Prototype thinking if stuck

    • Create wireframes for prototyping if possible

    • Conduct some user testing sessions if possible and refine

  • Week 3: Prototype

    • Build a more robust and high-fidelity prototype

    • User test and refine

  • Week 4: Refinement

    • After prototyping, refine the work that is done

    • Consider motion animation or what is needed to really tell the story

    • Prepare final deliverables

Irene Ti