Story telling is my first love.

Stories connect people together, regardless of time and distance. It gives voice and life to something intangible and makes it close enough for us to reach. I believe that every product, whether physical or digital, has a story behind it and that story is what drives the human moment in the product. 

Products and features are designed to meet human needs and however minute of a need or detail, it connects to a much larger one--whether it is the human need for connection or just simplicity. We all have a story to tell and sometimes, some stories are told less often than others. Through using design as a platform for stories, I would like to change the world to become more inclusive and that starts with representation in stories and media.

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Interaction Design at the California College of the Arts. In my personal life, I enjoy traveling and exploring the culture of new places, video games, and cooking.


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